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How to embed a view in a navigation view

SwiftUI’s NavigationView maps more or less to UIKit’s UINavigationController in that it presents content, it’s able to handle navigation between views, and it places a navigation bar at the top of the screen.

In its simplest form you can place a text view into a navigation view like this:

NavigationView {
    Text("This is a great app")

However, that leaves the navigation bar at the top empty. So, you will usually use the navigationBarTitle() modifier on whatever you’re embedding, so you can add a title at the top of your screen, like this:

NavigationView {

The navigationBarTitle() modifier gives us some customization options. For example, by default it will inherit large title display mode from whatever view presented it, or if it’s the initial view then it will use large titles. But if you’d prefer to force enable or disable large titles you should use the inline parameter like this:

.navigationBarTitle("Welcome", displayMode: .inline)

That will make small navigation titles, but you can also use .large to force a large title.

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< Working with containers   How to add bar items to a navigation view >
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