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How to combine text views together

SwiftUI’s text view overloads the + operator so that you can combine them together to make new text views.

This is helpful for times when you need to have different formatting across your views, because you can make each text view look exactly as you want then join them together to make a single combined text view. Even better, VoiceOver automatically recognizes them as a single piece of text when it comes to reading them out.

For example, this creates three text views then uses + to join them into a single text view to be returned:

var body: some View {
    Text("SwiftUI ")
    + Text("is ")
    + Text("awesome")

Warning: Some modifiers change a property of your view, whereas others return a different, modified view, which can cause unhelpful compiler errors. For example, this is not allowed:

Text("SwiftUI ")
+ Text("is ")
+ Text("awesome")

The reason for this is that the foregroundColor() modifier returns a modified view, not a text view, so it can’t be used with +. To make the code work you should use this instead:

Text("SwiftUI ")
+ Text("is ")
+ Text("awesome")

The color() modifier returns a new text view instance with the transformation applied, which is why it still works with +. This modifier only exists on text views, which is why it can return a new text view.

Tip: Combining text views like this is as close as we get to attributed strings in SwiftUI.

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< How to create and compose custom views   How to store views as properties >
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