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Don’t panic!

Paul Hudson    @twostraws   

Fully updated for Xcode 11.1

WWDC19 contains more large announcements than any in years, so if you’re looking at all the news and code coming out from San Jose and feeling like your head is spinning, let’s start with the most important thing: don’t panic.

Yes, I know SwiftUI is a massive new thing that might seem completely alien at first, but in this guide you’ll get lots of hands-on help to guide you through understanding how SwiftUI works so you can be up and running with it fast.

Everything you know about UIKit is still useful, and will be for a good few years.

Everything you know about Swift hasn’t changed, so that’s all useful.

Everything you know about the way iOS apps look and feel hasn’t changed.

What has changed is how we make our apps. Yes, there’s a lot of new things to learn, but once you’re past the basics you’ll start to recognize lots of common ground with UIKit.

So, again: don’t panic. If you’re already proficient with UIKit you can pick up SwiftUI in less than a day. And if you’re approaching SwiftUI without any knowledge of UIKit, that’s OK too because you’ll find SwiftUI gives you an unparalleled app building experience.

So, trust me: you’ve got this.

Before we start: Please make sure you have macOS 10.15 installed alongside Xcode 11. This combination allows you to see your SwiftUI designs previewed right inside Xcode, which is significantly faster than pushing to the simulator all the time.

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