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This stuff is hard

Paul Hudson    @twostraws   

Updated for Xcode 13.3

You might think this is a strange way to start a book, but: concurrency is a hard topic, and you might sometimes find yourself feeling a bit lost or a bit confused while you’re learning about it.

I’m not saying that to put you off, or to make you feel somehow scared by all the topics we’re going to cover. In fact, my goal here is quite the opposite: I want you to know that everyone finds this stuff hard. If you ever feel like you’re struggling, it’s okay – it’s not you being stupid, it’s just plain difficult stuff.

It’s my goal to try to make this all as straightforward, understandable, and most importantly applicable as I can, so that anyone who is an intermediate to advanced Swift developer can apply these concepts to their projects immediately. If you’re a beginner developer you’re welcome to try following along, but honestly I would suggest you come back later – lots of theory isn’t likely to stay in your head unless you have the chance to actually apply it.

Our brains are inherently not built to work concurrently, and as a result it’s often hard to think about. So, one last time: this stuff is hard, and if you’re finding it hard it’s just a sign your brain is working correctly.

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