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How to follow along

Paul Hudson    @twostraws   

Updated for Xcode 13.3

There’s a lot of code shown off in this book, and I really want to encourage you to try it all yourself – type the code into your computer, run it and see the output, then experiment a little to make sure you understand it.

To run the code in this book you should have installed Xcode 13.0 or later from the Mac App Store. It’s free, and includes everything you need to follow along.

We’ll be using a Swift Playground for all the code in this book. You can create one by launching Xcode, then going to the File menu and choosing New > Playground. When you’re asked what kind of playground to create, choose Blank from the macOS tab, then save it somewhere you can get to easily.

Playgrounds are like little sandboxes where you can try out Swift code easily, seeing the result of your work side by side with the code. You can use one playground for all the work you’ll be doing, or create new a playground for each chapter – do whatever works best for you.

Tip: The first time you run code in a playground it might take a few seconds to start, but subsequent runs will be fast.

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