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Use the links below to activate a 50%-off discount code on each book. All books are already updated for Swift 5.1, and are covered by my lifetime Swift update policy so you'll get free updates as new versions of Swift are released in the future!

  • Buy Hacking with Swift for $20 (More info) This is my best-selling course, teaching you both iOS and Swift development using 39 complete projects. There's 1700 pages in the book, plus over 20 hours of HD video, and more bonus content!
  • Buy Pro Swift for $20 (More info) Upgrade your Swift using powerful, modern technologies such as functional programming, protocol-oriented programming, lazy variables, enum associated values, operator overloading and more – all taught in this book and video course.
  • Buy Swift Design Patterns for $20 (More info) Learn smart, idiomatic techniques to design great Swift apps, from using MVC effectively through to MVVM, delegation, protocols, and more. Drawing examples from Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, and other key Apple frameworks, you'll learn how to design elegant apps that are easier to read, easier to scale, and easier to test.
  • Buy Testing Swift for $20 (More info) If you're serious about writing great code, you need to be serious about writing great tests. In this book you'll learn how unit tests, UI tests, and more combine to help you work faster and with more confidence.
  • Buy Practical iOS 12 for $20 (More info) iOS 12 provides major upgrades for Core ML thanks to the new Create ML framework, but this book also covers ARKit 2.0, Siri Shortcuts, and more.
  • Buy Server-Side Swift (Vapor edition) for $20 (More info) Take your Swift skills to the server with my latest book, now available for pre-order. It's written entirely for Swift 5.1 and Vapor 3, so you're guaranteed to learn the latest new APIs and techniques.
  • Buy Swift Coding Challenges for $15 (More info) Never fear a coding interview again: Swift Coding Challenges sets you the task of solving the most common questions you'll get asked at coding intervews. You get hints in case you get stuck, then complete solutions so you can compare your results.
  • Buy Dive Into SpriteKit for $20 (More info) There are lots of SpriteKit books out there, but Dive Into SpriteKit is the first to introduce a new teaching approach that puts your choices right into the games you make.
  • Buy Advanced iOS: Volume One for $20 (More info) Whether it's iMessage apps, SiriKit integration, rich media user notifications, or speech transcription, iOS has incredible features that can help take your apps to the next level – and they are all covered in this book.
  • Buy Advanced iOS: Volume Two for $20 (More info) iOS gives us a whole range of powerful tools for you to build intelligent apps, and this book helps you get started with them as quickly as possible: Core ML, Vision, ARKit, and more!
  • Buy Hacking with macOS for $20 (More info) Whether you have existing iOS skills or you're starting fresh, you can learn macOS coding by building real-world projects with Swift 5.1 and Xcode – all you need is in this course.
  • Buy Hacking with watchOS for $20 (More info) watchOS powers Apple's tiniest devices, but users take their watches everywhere they go – even in endurance sports. This book teaches you everything you need to know about watchOS using practical, real-world projects!
  • Buy Hacking with tvOS for $20 (More info) tvOS lets you build apps and games for the biggest device of all: your user's television. In this book you'll build 12 real-world projects that teach you apps, games, focus, theming, and more!
  • Buy Swift in Sixty Seconds for $5 (More info) Want to get started with Swift, but find yourself short on time? This is the course for you. Learn Swift in almost a hundred one-minute videos, each teaching one concept with no waffle – and all written for Swift 5.1.
  • Buy Objective-C for Swift Developers for $15 (More info) Swift is a powerful, modern programming language that will continue to grow over the years ahead. But with over a million existing apps written in Objective-C, you almost certainly need to be able to read, write, and maintain both Swift and Objective-C if you want to score a great job making iOS apps.
  • Buy Beyond Code for $20 When you want to go from "part-time hacker" to serious software engineer, there are a ton of extra skills that will help you work smarter, deliver software faster, and take your career to the next level. (More info)

For even greater savings, you can buy my two bundles:

  • The Swift Power Pack includes Hacking with Swift, Pro Swift, Swift Coding Challenges, Advanced iOS: Volume One, Objective-C for Swift Developers, and Beyond Code at a discounted price
  • The Swift Platform Pack includes Hacking with macOS, Hacking with watchOS, Hacking with tvOS, Server-Side Swift (Kitura and Vapor edition), and Advanced iOS Volume Two at a discounted price.

Both bundles are usually priced at $150, so with the 50% sale discount on top you can get them for just $75!

Hacking with Swift Live Series 1

This is my first collection of video tutorials, and normally would cost you $50, but in this sale you can get the complete bundle – over nine hours of HD video – for just $25!

You get 12 sessions in the bundle:

  • 10 Swift tips everyone should learn: Swift is a big and complicated language, so here are my 10 top tips every Swift developer should learn to help them write better code.
  • Advanced Codable: This powerful Swift feature makes it easy to load and save basic data types, but for more complex uses you need to start writing code yourself.
  • Building a modern iOS app: It's easy to rely on tools and techniques you've always used, but if you do that you're missing out on all the great new features Apple has introduced in newer iOS versions. In this session you'll learn how to take advantage of features introduced in iOS 9, 10, and 11 to make your apps look and work better with little effort.
  • Creating Custom Controls: Learn how to use CAShapeLayer and Core Graphics to render your own unique controls in your app.
  • Functional Swift: Functional programming can help you write less code that's also safer code, so come and see just how easy it can be!
  • High-performance Swift: Learn how to write benchmarks, detect performance hotspots, and optimize code to make your apps run as fast as possible.
  • Instrumenting your code like you mean it: Everyone knows Instruments can help you find and fix performance problems, but most people either don't know enough about Instruments to try it out, or know just enough to feel scared to open it. This session will help you make the most of this powerful tool.
  • Learn to debug like a pro: If your idea of debugging is breakpoints and print() calls, this session will help show you more advanced techniques to catch bugs faster.
  • Learn to use Xcode smarter: Xcode is a huge program with dozens if not hundreds of rarely-used features. I can't show you them all, but I'll certainly pick out my personal favorites!
  • Mastering iOS Animation: We all know that animations help your apps look better, but they also help your readers understand what's changing in your app and why. In this session you'll learn how to make fantastic animations for iOS, using the latest APIs from Apple.
  • Protocol oriented programming – beyond the hype: Protocol-oriented programming has been a major buzzword since it was introduced in Swift 2, but it's hard to find good, concrete examples for implementation. In this session that's exactly what we'll be focused on: how to apply POP principles to existing code so you can get most of the benefits without most of the work.

PLUS: A bonus video teaching you how to create stretching table headers in a clean, efficient way, just like you see in the Twitter or Tweetbot apps.

These are all hands-on videos that show you exactly what to do, and with over nine hours of material this really is the fastest way to level-up your Swift skills.

Here's a seven-minute preview from High-Performance Swift to whet your appetite…

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does this sale run?

It starts on Saturday 1st June at midnight UTC and runs through to Wednesday 12th June at 23:59 UTC.

Q: I bought some books already – can I upgrade to the bundle?

Normally I'm happy to upgrade readers to a bundle by discounting whatever they paid for the individual books, but this offer is not available during sales.

Q: Are books bought in the sale covered your lifetime Swift upgrade policy?

Yes! You get free Swift updates for the lifetime of every book you buy, during a sale or outside a sale – please see here for details.

Q: Are books bought in the sale entitled to Frequent Flyer Club bonus content?

Yes! You get the same benefits of my Swift Frequent Flyer Club regardless of when you buy books. This scheme gives you bonus content as my way of thanking you for choosing my books.