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GitHub authentication will be disabled soon. If you created your account with GitHub you need to login using the button below, then set a password on your account so you can continue to access it once GitHub has been removed.

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At this time, authentication is required to join Hacking with Swift+ and post messages to the forums. We may add further functionality in the future.

What happened to GitHub authentication?

We used GitHub authentication for a while, but honestly it was more trouble than it was worth – authenticating locally removes many problems, and you should make sure and add a password to your account before GitHub access is disabled.

Why don't you use Sign In With Apple?

Sign In With Apple is a really great technology, but it also requires that the website be attached to a specific iOS app.

What data do you store about me?

We only store information you provide: your username, email address, password, and so on. If you create forum posts and such these will also be stored. Please see the full privacy policy for mo re information.

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