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Wrap Up

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Paul Hudson: Well listen, Sean, thank you so much for the time. Thank you for taking all our questions. Where can folks find you on the internet?

Sean Allen: Yeah, https://www.youtube.com/seanallen, at Twitter is @seanallen_dev. If you're interested in some iOS coursework, I have an absolute beginner course. Like this course was designed to be like, hey you've got a friend that interested in iOS development? Cool. Give them that. Like we start from the very basics. And then also, we talked about take home courses a lot, I have a project that is recreating a take home test. That is aimed at people that are, you know, they've been learning Swift for a while now, and they're trying to transition into getting that very first job. So that's what that is designed for.

Again, https://seanallen.teachable.com/. And I just, we're plugging everything. And I just started redoing my website in Publish, John Sundell’s framework, so you can check that out at https://seanallen.co, I have the basics up there but that will be evolving over time, if you want to see how that grows.

Paul Hudson: Awesome.

If you want to subscribe to the channel, please do, I appreciate it very much. There's a podcast as well on Apple Podcasts, Swiftly Speaking, go check that out. Otherwise, folks, once again, thanks to Sean, thanks for asking questions, I will see you all next time.

Take care folks! Bye!

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