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Welcome back folks to Swiftly Speaking. This is episode seven, and today I have my friend, Sean Allen. He's a well-known speaker on YouTube, and actually in London a few years ago as well. He recently launched some courses on learning iOS plus take home tests.

Today I've got stacks of questions for him about job interviews, take home tests, learning iOS, and much, much more. As always, there are folks here – it’s good to see you everybody. You have a chance to ask Sean your questions. So go ahead and chat away in the chat window. I'll do my best to grill Sean and make sure he answers them.

Sean, how are you doing?

Sean Allen: Pretty good Paul, how about yourself?

Paul Hudson: It’s lock down! We're all sick of lock down at this point. I think we were okay for one week, all being well. But at this point, my kids really, really want to go outside.

Sean Allen: The quarantine and lockdown is actually pretty conducive to my lifestyle. You know, making YouTube videos, coding. So it hasn't been as bad for me, but even me an introvert that prefers to stay inside. I'm starting to get that itch to like, let me out, I need to go somewhere. I need to go do something. So luckily here in Pennsylvania, it sounds like we are going to lift with some restrictions here soon. So hopefully the sanity can be restored a bit.

Paul Hudson: Plus the anxiety though. I mean, you are sort of checking the news quite a lot. You are wondering what's going on outside. It's not the regular level of working right?

Sean Allen: No I'm working. I'm able to just kind of put all that aside and be like, all right, just head down and work. You know.

Paul Hudson: Nice. Well, listen, Sean, I've got so many questions for you today from me, but also from the listeners as well.

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