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Tips for starting your own Swift meetup

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What tips do you have for starting your own iOS or Swift meetup?

Paola Mata: I would say I used meetup.com when I first started out. There was a small fee that you had to pay. I don't know how much that's changed. But I would say maybe start there because you'd get a lot more visibility. When anybody looks up the topics that your meetup is based on, they'll find it right away. So I can suggest that.

I would say just do it. Just start an event, see who shows up. It's hard at first, but I think if you're able to share through the right avenues, get your friends to share, it'll grow eventually.

And the goal isn't necessarily to get like 50 people to show up. Sometimes it could just be a few and that's how it starts and then you spread the word from there. I think one of my ear plugs might be gone. It's just a matter of just doing it and seeing what happens.

As it starts to grow, I think you can make changes. Maybe get a co-organizer maybe get a better sense of what the community needs and try to tailor the group to a different format, whatever it is that works best for the group. It's been for me in my experience a lot of trial and error and being open to new ideas, especially from the members.

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