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Paul Hudson: Welcome back to Swiftly Speaking. My name is Paul Hudson, And today I have with me Paola Mata, a senior developer for the New York Times.

As always, I've got stacks of questions for her about her job, the work she does in our community, some of her favorite Swift topics, and more. Plus everyone who's joining us live on YouTube can of course ask their own questions and I'll make sure Paola answers them as best I can and really grill her on those questions.

Paola, how are you doing?

Paola Mata: Hi, I’m doing well. It's Friday, so that's something to be celebrating. And yeah, just regular workday, homework with my boyfriend and my little dog. And we're all staying sane.

Paul Hudson: That's good to hear. Because you are experienced work from home, right? You've been doing it for a little while.

Paola Mata: So I went remote when I moved out to Philadelphia. I was in New York, where I grew up, so I was there forever. I moved out here in August, so I had maybe like six, seven, I can't count. I had a few months of experience before actually having to go remote along with everyone else.

Paul Hudson: Nice. You got ahead of the game a little bit?

Paola Mata: I think it's helped a lot because I'm already set up and I just have the experience of how to work with other people. It's actually more challenging though when everyone else is remote, but I'm managing.

Paul Hudson: I guess this means you are aware of what regular work from home feels like. Because lots of folks right now are working from home for the very first time and they're not liking it at all. They're anxious and stressed out. But actually a lot of that is just the current environment, the current hideous pandemic.

Paola Mata: I think even for me having worked remote for months before the pandemic, it's been a little bit of a challenge. Not having all my regular outlets for enjoyment and even I would actually go into the office voluntarily. I wasn't required to, but I would go once a month to just catch up with everyone and see everyone. I miss my team, definitely. Surprisingly, I miss being on a call with my team and they're all sitting in the same room interacting and I felt like I was in there more so than I do now when everyone's separate.

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