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Wrap up

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Paul Hudson: Well, that's been 90 minutes. Thank you very much for your time, Meng. It's been wonderful having you here. Thank you for answering all the questions and thank you for the folks who were coming along to ask all the questions. Where can folks find you on the web?

Meng To: I have a Twitter account, @MengTo. It's just six letters, and I have Design+Code that I own, that I run. I teach designers how to code and I teach developers how to design. I'm really excited about this new course about UI design for developers. I think that there are not enough resources for design for developers, especially to teach them without any nonsense, basically. Go straight to the point. Teach them enough of all of the things that they need in their work to be dangerous. And so that's what I'm working on. And hopefully this is going to succeed. It seems to draw a lot of interest and I hope this is the kind of market that we're going to move into. Because if you think about it, six years ago, when there were no designers who were teaching Xcode, at the time, and I really, really wanted to change that.

So that's where I decided to create Design+Code and fast forward six years, this is where we are. And I believe that we're starting to see a lot more designers getting to SwiftUI right now. And I hope we can do the same for developers getting into design. There are not enough resources. And I want developers to know that they have so much power over what they can do, because they're the one that codes the whole thing. And they just need just enough design to make it really, really awesome.

Paul Hudson: Fantastic. And so folks, if you enjoyed this video, please leave a like. It means a lot helps YouTube recommend it. You can also subscribe to my channel. I make more videos like this one, teaching you Swift and SwiftUI, and meeting great folks like Meng.

Once again, thanks to everyone who came along for the live show and brought the questions and thanks to my guest, Meng, for answering them all so very, very thoroughly.

Until next time, folks. Take care. Bye!

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