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Paul Hudson: Welcome back to Swiftly Speaking, folks. My name is Paul Hudson, and this is episode nine with my friend Meng To. He’s come to talk to us all about SwiftUI, about designing for SwiftUI, coding for SwiftUI and also design skills that developers should have to really improve their knowledge and improve the kind of apps they can put out there. I want to thank you all for coming along.

I have stacks of my own questions to ask him, but we have a chat window as well. I encourage you to go ahead and post questions in there about those topics, SwiftUI coding, design and design for developers, and I'll make sure and ask as many as I can to Meng.

Meng, how are you doing?

Meng To: Great. Thanks for having me. I'm a huge fan of SwiftUI by Example. This is one of the top resources that I use when I creating my courses and also one of the top resources that my students use after or while doing my courses. So I'm very happy to be here.

Paul Hudson: Thank you very much. Although I should say that if you think flattering me means I'm not going to ask you any hard questions, that's not how it works. You're still going to get the tough questions coming along!

Meng To: Bring it on.

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