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Wrap up

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Thank you for giving up so much time. Just give me a little teaser for this last question, a little taste. What is next for helloMayuko?

Mayuko Inoue: I want to make more videos. Continue on helping people get into the tech industry. I think one of the things that I learned last year was how important community is, and how building an online community is just so nice. I think I've learned that especially through doing the coworking sessions on Twitch.

And so a lot of community building, lots of content making. Just keep on keeping on. I don't know what that means because no one has really ever had my job before, but being unafraid to move forward and jump into the unknown is what's next.

Paul Hudson: It's very exciting! Well, rip off the bandaid. Go for it. A very smart person told me it's a good idea, so I'm passing it on to you now.

Mayuko Inoue: Got to take my own advice.

Paul Hudson: So thank you so much for your time. I feel it's a question I have to ask, even though folks know the answer, where can people find you on the internet?

Mayuko Inoue: Yes. On the internet you can find me everywhere at helloMayuko. I'm on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, GitHub. I don't know where else I might. But I mostly post on YouTube and Instagram and Twitch so you can find me there.

Paul Hudson: Fantastic. And once again, I want to thank our sponsor. They have a series of amazing workshops for iOS and Swift developers. You can go and find out more on their website, which is They're free, taking place all year. Go and grab your spot at that URL.

And again thank you to everybody who came along asking questions – it was a real pleasure having you here.

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