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Paul Hudson: Welcome back to Swiftly Speaking, folks. I'm Paul Hudson. This is episode 12, and with me today we have Mayuko Inoue, who is a prolific YouTube creator. I've got stacks of questions for her about her career in iOS, what she liked and didn't like so much, her experience with teams, her life on YouTube, and so much more. And as always I welcome questions from folks in the audience who want to pitch in on topic and I'll pick the best and share them here so folks can follow along with those, too.

If you have seen all these talks before, you'll know I have extremely low tolerance for trolls, spam abuse, anything like that, you'll get an instant channel ban. So please watch out for your language and similar in the chat window.

And before I get into, I want to say thank you to the show sponsor, Essential Developer. They are running a series of free workshops this year to help you level up your skills as an iOS developer, you can find out more at

How are you doing, Mayuko?

Mayuko Inoue: I'm doing good, Paul. How are you?

Paul Hudson: Yeah, I'm doing okay too. I'm quite excited actually, because this is my first live stream of the year, so, anything can go wrong!

Mayuko Inoue: Of course. It's 2021, a new year. Who knows what's going to happen?

Paul Hudson: Yeah, exactly. It's always fun, right? That's what I'm going to call it.

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