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What's more important: building a GitHub profile or shipping an app on the App Store?

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Do you think GitHub is a good place for your portfolio? Do you have any other tips for a portfolio?

Kaya Thomas: I think it's kind of tough and it's a bit different for us as mobile developers. I think that it's a bit easier, I think, as a web developer to have GitHub in a portfolio and to contribute to open source. I remember when I was a beginner and I was looking into contributing to open source and a lot of the beginner kind of articles or topics about contributing to open source had nothing to do with mobile or were no mobile projects. And so I think it's a bit tougher to have GitHub as your portfolio, as a mobile developer.

I think definitely having some apps on the App Store or one app on the App Store usually is what a lot of employers look for. If you look at job descriptions a lot of times they say experience shipping apps in App Store, has an app in the App Store. And so usually I would say that's a bit more important than just having on GitHub. Of course, having a bit of profile and even potentially you can put a project up on there. I just think that as mobile developers it’s not as great of a portfolio for us.

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