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Welcome back to Swiftly Speaking. This is episode four. I'm Paul Hudson, and this time with me we have Kaya Thomas, who now works at Comm, previously worked at Slack, also an international speaker doing some great talks around the world. As always, I have stacks of questions for her to ask, but this is a livestream on YouTube, we want to hear your questions as well.

So folks, if you have questions for Kaya about SwiftUI, about side projects, about push notifications, about working at big companies, now's your chance to ask in the chat channel. I'll do my best to grill Kaya and make sure we get good answers out of her.

Kaya, how're you doing?

Kaya Thomas: I'm good. Thanks for having me, Paul. I'm really excited to chat.

Paul Hudson: There are some good hot topics and things like SwiftUI is a massive thing on the agenda for everyone right now.

Kaya Thomas: Exactly. And especially with impending WWDC20 online, we don't know what SwiftUI 2 is going to bring us. I'm really looking forward to that.

Paul Hudson: Well, let's start then by winding back the clock to WWDC19, which was nine months ago to record this thing right now, that was, surely for all of us, a massive revelation that all that time we'd invested in UIKit is still valuable, but now as a wholly new way of building software.

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