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What specific skills sets are you looking for when hiring an iOS developer?

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Do you look for folks who have experience writing lots and lots of code, or is there more to it?

Jordanna Kwok: We do have a baseline that we require. UIKit is what we use for all of our UI, so I think that foundational knowledge of UIKit would be required, but we wouldn't say you need AVFoundation – that’s pretty niche. And the thing is, it's an opportunity for anyone who is interested in AVFoundation, and by the way, let me know if you are! We would love people who are interested in getting into playback, because as the playback and the UI world kind of meld together, there are some interesting challenges that come up.

Paul Hudson: Well, folks: it sounds like if you're one of those hot-shot SwiftUI developers, I'm sorry but Jordanna's saying no – it's UIKit they're looking for!

Jordanna Kwok: Well, SwiftUI is something that we are exploring, so I have to say that at some point we would love to see things move towards SwiftUI. But having the team dabble around with it, it works for some situations but not everything, so just FYI, we do a lot of A/B testing as well so that includes A/B testing technologies like SwiftUI.

Paul Hudson: ‌Folks always wonder, "Do I need to have a computer science degree?" What's your take on that?

Jordanna Kwok: Absolutely not. On the team there certainly are people who have traditional CS degrees, but the team itself, when I look at the different paths people have taken, many have been non-traditional. We have folks with music degrees, arts degrees, and design training. So, it’s certainly not a requirement. What we're requiring is really iOS experience, and especially with UI or something around the UI space.

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