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Paul Hudson: Welcome back to Swiftly Speaking, folks! This is episode 14, and I’m joined this time by Jordanna Kwok, who is an engineering manager doing the iOS app at Netflix.

As always I've got stacks of questions to ask her, but if you are attending live I encourage you to ask some questions in the chat and I'll pick as many as I can to ask Jordanna. As always folks, if you are here for the livestream, I've got zero tolerance for trolls and similar, so there are moderators present who will ban you for life at any kind of problematic behavior.

I want to thank our sponsor this time, which is RevenueCat. They make it really easy to add in app purchases like subscriptions to your iOS application. I've used StoreKit a lot: some things are really easy, some things are viciously hard. If you want to avoid the hard stuff, talk to RevenueCat, they've got a very generous free tier, check them out at https://revenuecat.com.

Jordanna, how are you doing?

Jordanna Kwok: I'm doing great, how are you doing?

Paul Hudson: I'm okay, I'm in the last two weeks now of homeschooling my kids and so I'm looking forward to seeing them go back to school again, that's going to be very, very nice to see, and that's I think March the 8th or so. So, I've aged a lot these last few weeks.

Jordanna Kwok: Yeah, here in California the cases have gone down but it's still very much like everything is lockdown slowly opening. Homeschooling still!

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