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Do you ever borrow ideas from competing apps?

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You have some major competitors now, including Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ – do you ever look at them and see features you’d like to copy, or is that frowned on?

Jordanna Kwok: Certainly, no – it’s not frowned upon. I think it's always healthy to explore what's out there, and I personally have too many of these streaming services that I subscribe to. The thing that makes the video space so interesting is it's not a winner-takes-all type of situation; everyone has unique content. If you think about Apple TV+, they have some great shows on there, same with Prime, and same with Disney+.

Even if it's not to look at the UI, it's there to consume the content, I think it's really healthy competition to have that. And there are always people with multiple services, so it's slightly different than if there were services that were just showing similar content all the time – then there might be a little bit of a different business goal there, versus in this case it’s content plus what people are doing in the UI. It's great also when sometimes this thing that you built in the Netflix UI you see this other app is also doing something similar.

It's almost like a little bit of the copying is a bit of flattery there, so we do enjoy looking at different UIs for similarities and differences. Certainly I'm 100% sure that they're doing the same, looking at Netflix to see what kind of innovations that we're putting in our app.

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