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Wrap up

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Paul Hudson: Anyway, John we've talked now for like an hour and a half. Thank you so much for your time. It's been a real pleasure having you here. Where can folks find you if they're not sure where to find you, where can they find you on the internet?

John Sundell: They can find me at https://www.swiftbysundell.com and you can also find me on Twitter @johnsundell. I'm also now on YouTube. I don't have a fancy URL yet. So you just have to go to swiftbysundell.com and click on videos and you can see all my videos there. But I haven't done so many videos yet, just three ones at the moment, but I'm trying to find a time to make more videos. I'm hopefully going to do one more next week. But also thank you so much to you, Paul, and thanks so much for everybody who was watching and listening to this, it was really fun to talk to you and thanks for inviting me onto the show.

Paul Hudson: And folks, if you enjoy this podcast, please do hit the like button. It helps you to recommend to many other folks. And I'll see you on Twitter. Once again, John, thank you for being here. It's been wonderful having you here. Thanks for all the questions folks. I'll see you all next time.

John Sundell: Bye!

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