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Paul Hudson: Welcome back to Swiftly Speaking, this is episode three. I am joined by my friend John Sundell, we've got lots to get through.

As always, I have lots of questions for John, but I want to see your questions too. This is your chance to ask him your questions, and it's my job to wrangle them out and serve him until you are happy.

Anyway, John, how are you doing?

John Sundell: I'm doing really great, thank you. Well, I guess you should say these days, I'm doing great under the circumstances. It's like the suffix that you have to keep adding, these days, to the question, "how are you doing?" But you know, self isolating like everybody else, or maybe not everybody, but a lot of people around the world right now. Trying to focus just on work, and trying to be productive while still relaxing as well and enjoying some time with my girlfriend, and trying to make the most out of being at home. What about you, Paul? How are things going for you?

Paul Hudson: My kids have been home for a full week now, so it feels like it's been a few months already. It's for the best, everyone, so stay home, stay safe, and keep other folks safe as well.

John Sundell: These days it's very clear that we're incredibly lucky that we can keep doing our jobs remotely like this. I know that there's a lot of people right now who are struggling, or trying to figure out how to work remotely in an efficient manner. But for people who, like you and me, who have been working remotely for a while right now, we can just keep doing what we were doing. Of course, the world is still what it is, so it impacts us as well, but it is incredibly lucky that we can do our work like this and that we can hang out like this as well, over video calls.

Paul Hudson: It makes a big difference, that's true. So I've got stacks of questions for you, and today I want to talk about a handful of things, particularly how to get a great job in iOS development, perhaps your first job, getting that first foot in the door. Also, building up from there to improve your Swift skills, going forward, breaking out of that 'junior' tag we give people sometimes, and moving up to intermediate or senior developers.

But also, one of the things you're best known for is publishing articles about Swift, speaking about Swift at conferences and meetups and similar, how to break into that scene, and more. And, of course, all these listener questions at the same time. So there's stacks to get through, I want to get to them as fast as we can, and we'll see how we get on.

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