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What's better: programmatic layouts or storyboards?

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What do you think: IB or not IB? Programmatic or storyboards?

Janina Kutyn: I prefer programmatic, personally. And that is because I think it's easier to find where things live. If I don't know where a UIView is configured, I don't know if it happened in Interface Builder or somewhere in code, and then if I see something on the screen, I'm digging through Interface Builder, I'm digging through code, I'm trying to find exactly where these rounded corners happened.

So I think it's easier to come into a new codebase and look at only programmatic files rather than looking at Interface Builder files. But that is me. And I think, in terms of one of my previous employers, it just really depends on the team – whatever the team thought were the right tools for their app is the decision that was made ultimately in the end.

“So I think it's easier to come into a new codebase and look at only programmatic files rather than looking at Interface Builder files.”

Paul Hudson: Okay. So what we're saying is some unnamed previous employers may have been using both programmatic and IB, depending on the team they were working for.

Janina Kutyn: I think so. Yeah, exactly. I know what my team was using, but I don't even know what anyone else's team was using. Because it's your team's app, and you're building what makes sense for your team.

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