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Welcome back to Swiftly Speaking, folks. This is episode six now, I think, and I have my friend Janina Kutyn with me, who is an expert at things like UIKit performance, CALayer and adaptive layout, which is making things work great for iPhone and iPad.

We've got stacks of questions for her right here in front of me to ask, but also I welcome questions from the audience.

If you want to ask Janina a question, easy or hard, get it into the chat window. I'll do my best to make sure she answers them all as thoroughly as we can. Janina, how are you doing?

Janina Kutyn: I'm doing well. How are you?

Paul Hudson: I'm okay. It's lockdown, we're all bored. You've got a child at home. It's hard, right?

Janina Kutyn: Yes, but it also means I'm never bored.

Paul Hudson: That's true. Yeah, there's always things to do when you have a child at home. Well, trust me, two kids and two dogs. I am never bored in my house.

Janina Kutyn: Yeah, I can imagine. I'm a little jealous when I see people saying how they're baking bread or learning new things.

Paul Hudson: Sour dough starters.

Janina Kutyn: Taking up needle point. I'm like, I have a toddler, I don't have new hobbies.

Paul Hudson: Yeah. Well, I found actually I've been doing a lot more maths with my eldest and the iPad's really, really good for that because you can just draw things out, and scribble them out, and draw them over, and draw pictures around it and so forth. Then, erase it and get back to the question.

So, we're using the lockdown, so far, productively, insofar as you can be anxious/stressed out about being productive. We're making the most of it.

Janina Kutyn: Yeah. That's really good. For us, also some of our classes that Kai used to participate in before have now become online. He has his drama class online, and the teacher puts out classes every week and it's really awesome to see how all of these people are adapting to the new way of temporary living. It's really exciting.

Paul Hudson: It is. Well, listen, you are probably most well known or certainly right up there for your extraordinary inside knowledge of performance with UIKit, and getting things to work correctly and getting to work efficiently.

Certainly, when I've seen your talks, that's one of the topics that stood out most clearly for me because as I've told you before, you are at your own special level with UIKit. I try my best. I work very hard with UIKit, but you're another level entirely. I've got so many questions for you about where to start, what mistakes people make, what things they should be doing instead. Are you ready to be grilled on UIKit?

Janina Kutyn: I mean, I wouldn't really describe myself quite like how you describe it. I consider myself more of a performance and UIKit enthusiast. But, I will do my best to answer questions and give any insight I have that hopefully is helpful to anyone watching.

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