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Wrap up

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Paul Hudson: James, thank you so much for your time. I'm going to wrap up now because you've stayed with us a good long time as it is. Thank you so much for coming on the show for the very first episode. I hope the listeners and watchers and all those folks asking questions have found it useful and a bit more relaxing, something to listen to during these stressful times. James, where can they find you on the internet?

James Thomson: Best place to find me is on Twitter, that's James Thomson. Go to for all the PCalc, including Dice. is our corporate website, but most of the stuff's on PCalc. Yeah, and if you want to hear me talk on various things, look on which is where I do all my pop culture-y, D&D podcasts and I occasionally pop up on Relay FM and on The Rebound podcast. I think one of my main advantages as guest is that I say yes a lot.

Paul Hudson: Well listen folks, if you've enjoyed this interview, please hit the like button because that helps YouTube recommend us to other folks who then might discover it and might also like it. And then go and buy PCalc, James needs the money to buy more of these mini figurines at the very least.

James Thomson: James doesn't necessarily need the money, but James would like some of the money.

Paul Hudson: Those mini figures are very expensive James.

James Thomson: Some of them, yeah.

Paul Hudson: But also please subscribe to my channel and I'll do more of these. I'd love to hear who you'd like to appear on future episodes. If you want to find me on internet, I am of course You can follow me on Twitter, where I’m @twostraws. I've got a Slack, I've got forums. I'm fairly easy to find. Anyway, once again James, thank you so much. It's been awesome having you here.

James Thomson: It's been a pleasure. I am looking at the clock and I can't believe that we've done one hour 45 minutes or something. It's coming up to five o'clock. That's impressive.

Paul Hudson: It is. Think of all the news we haven't read about coronavirus. It's been great, right?

James Thomson: Yeah. I mean, gosh, did you hear the people who are in, I think it's Germany Big Brother? They don't know any of it. Yeah. I mean, yes, so it is like that. We're going to come out of this and who knows what the state of the world is going to be like. No, end on a more positive note. We've had a lovely chat.

Paul Hudson: It's been awesome having you here, and I expect you'll get some good sales on PCalc out of this by the way because folks want to see the About screen, they're curious now.

James Thomson: If you like the stuff that I do, yes it would be nice if people bought it. Dice is a lovely little thing to play with for $2.

Thanks for having me on and it's been a great distraction for for a little bit. The other thing we didn't really touch on is the whole thing with this video stuff is great for keeping up social contacts with people. I mean, you might not get to see people in person, but I've been spending the week filling up my schedule with virtual lunches with people, just people that I would see in person or people that I don't see very often. And it's like, well let's just do a regular Friday lunchtime, let's sit, talk about TV or talk about anything that isn't the virus.

Paul Hudson: That's a great idea.

James Thomson: And I recommend everyone do that. We're going to drown the internet with all these video streams, but it's better us than Disney+ getting all the bandwidth. We should talk to each other and this is a really good way of doing it. And it makes you, like talking to you, you forget that we're not in the same room, kind of thing.

Paul Hudson: All right. Thanks again, James and folks, watchers, thanks for being here. See you next time.

James Thomson: Bye!

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