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Paul Hudson: Welcome back to Swiftly Speaking, folks. My name is Paul Hudson. This is episode 13, and today I'm joined by my friend Ish Shabazz, a well-known indie developer in our community and a well-known speaker too. And I’ll be asking Ish lots of questions about SwiftUI and UIKit, but also questions from the audience who are following live on YouTube.

If you are here live, go ahead and ask questions in the chat. I'll pick out the best and make sure and grill Ish thoroughly on those. But if you are here for the first time, please keep in mind that I have zero tolerance for folks who trolling or harassment in the chat. There are moderators around who will ban you for life immediately, so please don't be that person posting junk into the chat window.

So this is a very relaxed podcast. It's nice and chilled out. I have questions. You have questions. We'll get through a ton of stuff. It's going to be very exciting. But first I want to thank our sponsor who this time is Fernando Alavarez, who has a new book, helping teach you more advanced skills on Swift to really push your Swift and iOS skills forward. I'll put a link in the description below later on, and you can check it out. Ish, how are you doing?

Ish Shabazz: How's it going? I’m doing well.

Paul Hudson: We've been trying to figure out before recording where Ish's background is and we still don't quite know. We're thinking it's somewhere in the world. He thinks Chicago. I think somewhere in Europe.

Ish Shabazz: Maybe Europe.

Paul Hudson: Yeah, we're never quite sure, we're never quite sure.

Ish Shabazz: For sure not my actual living room.

Paul Hudson: So Ish has kids like me and if you have kids you know your house will always be just slightly untidy somewhere. No matter how hard you try to you look around and it's back again. The mess has just reappeared. It's amazing.

Ish Shabazz: You cannot have a white room like this, for sure.

Paul Hudson: No. I have dogs and a) I wouldn't find my dogs because they're also white, but b) they'd bring muddy paws in. Paws prints everywhere. It'd be a complete disaster show!

Anyway, so we've got three big topics to talk about in this show. One is how we can work with SwiftUI and UIKit at the same time? One is your amazing work on indie app development. And one is a topic about a talk you gave recently programming with purpose, how you can find your own purpose and help others find their purpose too.

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