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Welcome back to Swiftly Speaking. This is episode five, and my guest today is my good friend and impromptu mentor whether he likes it or not, Daniel Steinberg. And we've got lots to get through about Combine, about functional programming, about Swift Evolution and lots more. I've got stacks of questions for Daniel, like always, I've prepared. But of course, we want to take listener questions too.

Daniel, how are you doing?

Daniel Steinberg: Hi. I'm doing great. Thanks for having me.

Paul Hudson: Now, you are a man who has traveled around the world literally speaking about SwiftUI, about Combine, about functional programming. You are a man of many, many talents, right?

Daniel Steinberg: And now I'm just sitting in my living room talking to you.

Paul Hudson: Oh, you make it sound so bad!

Daniel Steinberg: No. It's the pinnacle of my life. I've lived for this.

Paul Hudson: But you are most well known I think for your consistent appreciation, exploration and discussion of functional programming. Is that fair to say?

Daniel Steinberg: It's new but fair to say. I've been fascinated by it. I think you know I have a mathematics background and so it's like finally my turn had come.

Paul Hudson: I've got a math background, I did school mathematics, but Daniel has a PhD in mathematics. Okay? So he's very, very senior mathematician.

Daniel Steinberg: Yeah, a recovering mathematician. I remember back when object orientation was introduced, and people said, "Well, how do you think of this? This is so unnatural." And now when I talk about functional programming, they say, "But objects are the way you think of everything." And so it's kind of funny to see that progression.

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