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Wrap up

Recorded – watch the full episode on YouTube.

Paul Hudson: Chris, we've spoken now for almost two hours. Thank you so much for your time. And on behalf of the literally hundreds and hundreds of folks who've come on to the live stream, thank you so much for making Swift happen. Starting that team, launching the product, getting there on stage with all the nerves, and making it happen, because it has changed our lives.

My entire career is built around helping folks reach their goals with Swift, and it wouldn't be possible without you and those early Bertrand Serlet meetings on the whiteboards, figuring it out and making those very first steps. So thank you for your time.

Chris Lattner: There's a huge team of exceptional engineers that work their butts off. And, they're still today working. I'm sure right now, freaking out about WWDC coming out. There's a lot of weight on the shoulders of a lot of really good people. And, please, this is not just about me.

It's about all the work from the community, just a tremendous number of people. You have helped grow and build the community as well, and many others. So I'm happy to be a part of this together with everybody.

Paul Hudson: You know folks, it's nice seeing Chris here, because there's only a few days before WWDC is to record this. And he's relaxing, he's chilled out, drinking his Diet Coke. And the folks at Apple who are working at Swift, as Chris said, probably in a very different place right now, working very, very hard to ship things in the next few days.

Chris Lattner: Yes, I suspect so. Well it was really good talking to you all.

Paul Hudson: And thanks to everyone who came along to ask questions. It's been great having you here. Obviously, right now, there is a very great deal of problems in the world, with the pandemic, with lots of riots for social justice. It means a lot to take time out to come here and just hopefully give you a break from that temporarily, and chat some Swift with, obviously, the guy who led the team originally.

Thanks for coming, and for asking questions. If you have a find folks on Twitter, Chris, where can they find you on twitter?

Chris Lattner: My Twitter handle is @clattner_llvm.

Paul Hudson: Let's face it, we're all following Chris already. But if you weren't already following Chris, you can find him there on Twitter.

Thanks for coming along folks. Thanks for asking questions, and thank you so much to Chris Lattner. Until next time folks, take care!

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