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Wrap up

Recorded – watch the full episode on YouTube.

Paul Hudson: Carola, thank you very much for your time. It has been a full hour now, so thank you for taking all my questions as well as questions here from attendees. Where can folks find you on social media?

Carola Nitz: On Twitter I’m @_Caro_N – that’s usually the one where you reach me fastest.

Paul Hudson: And now I'm curious: when I launch Netflix next which bit of this is made by Carola Nitz?

Carola Nitz: The recent one that I built was the brightness slider and the lock control which I'm really happy about. Honestly the lock right now where you can give it to your kid maybe and they watch something and they were not accidentally switching out of Netflix, that made me happy.

Paul Hudson: My kids have now passed that age! The youngest is now six years old and we saw something just so beautiful a few weeks ago. When I do these streams the kids want to use the internet, of course they do, they'll say, "Daddy have you finished the internet now I want to talk to Siri or something like that." And so we make them watch a movie, you get a movie on an iPad sit and watch a movie on your iPad offline so you're not taking away from my internet bandwidth.

A few weeks ago I came and I sat after doing one of these videos and my youngest Charlotte was on the couch with headphones on watching a movie. And she wasn't streams of tears I'm like, "Sweetheart why are you crying?" And she replied, “the movie is so sad.” She's able to understand now that it's a sad movie and it's okay to feel sad and then a few minutes later she had been watching the same film she had put the volume down to zero and I thought: why do that? She said, “well it's a bit scary; I don't want it to scare me so much." And she was able to regulate herself more now by understanding when the sad bits are when the loud bits are, and control it, but yeah certainly for young kids block off everything. Don't don't change the brightness, don't press the home button, don't do anything in there that is in any way going to change the thing they're trying to watch!

Once again I want to thank my sponsor Instabug. They make it super easy to add bug reporting and fixing into your project with their SDK – add one line of code and it'll help you find and fix crashes faster. Go check them out at https://www.instabug.com.

Once again thanks to all folks coming here asking questions, and to Carola for answering them very graciously with her time.

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