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What you learned

We’ve had some really long projects recently, but that’s mainly a result of your SwiftUI skills really growing – you’re way past the basics now, so you’re able to tackle bigger projects that solve bigger problems. I realize it can feel tiring working on these larger projects, but I hope you’re able to look back on what you built and feel good – you’ve come such a long way!

While completing these projects, you also learned:

  • Reading environment values using @EnvironmentObject.
  • Creating tabs with TabView.
  • Using Swift’s Result type to send back success or failure.
  • Manually publishing ObservableObject changes using objectWillChange.send().
  • Controlling image interpolation.
  • Adding swipe actions to list rows,.
  • Placing buttons in a ContextMenu.
  • Creating local notifications with the UserNotifications framework.
  • Using third-party code with Swift package dependencies.
  • Using map() and filter() to create new arrays based on an existing one.
  • How to create dynamic QR codes.
  • Attaching custom gestures to a SwiftUI view.
  • Using UINotificationFeedbackGenerator to make iPhones vibrate.
  • Disabling user interactivity using allowsHitTesting().
  • Triggering events repeatedly using Timer.
  • Tracking scene state changes as our app moves between the background and foreground.
  • Supporting color blindness, reduced motion, and more.
  • SwiftUI’s three step layout system.
  • Alignment, alignment guides, and custom alignment guides.
  • Absolutely positioning views using the position() modifier.
  • Using GeometryReader and GeometryProxy to make special effects.

…and you also built some real apps to put those skills into action – it’s been really busy, and I hope you feel proud of what you accomplished!

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