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What you learned

These projects began introducing you to the more difficult parts of SwiftUI, although none of it was really SwiftUI’s fault – it’s the places where SwiftUI meets Apple’s older frameworks that things get a little rough. Over time these rough edges will get smoothed off a little, but it might be a few years and regardless these will still be important for any times you want to integrate code from outside of Apple.

While completing the three projects, you also learned:

  • How property wrappers become structs
  • Creating custom bindings
  • Presenting action sheets with lots of buttons
  • Using Core Image to manipulate images
  • Integrating UIImagePickerController into SwiftUI
  • Integrating MKMapView into SwiftUI
  • Writing coordinator classes that can act as delegates for image pickers and map views
  • Dropping pins on maps
  • Saving images to the user’s photo library
  • Adding Comparable conformance to custom types
  • Finding and writing to the user’s documents directory
  • Enabling file encryption when writing
  • Authenticating users with Touch ID and Face ID

Each of those topics were covered as a standalone technique and then applied in a real project, so hopefully it’s really sinking in!

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