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Your challenge is to make an app that contains facts about countries: show a list of country names in a table view, then when one is tapped bring in a new screen that contains its capital city, size, population, currency, and any other facts that interest you. The type of facts you include is down to you – Wikipedia has a huge selection to choose from.

To make this app, I would recommend you blend parts of project 1 project 7. That means showing the country names in a table view, then showing the detailed information in a second table view.

How you load data into the app is going to be an interesting problem for you to solve. I suggested project 7 above because a sensible approach would be to create a JSON file with your facts in, then load that in using contentsOf and parse it using Codable. Regardless of how you end up solving this, I suggest you don’t just hard-code it into the app – i.e., typing all the facts manually into your Swift code. You’re better than that!

Go ahead and try coding it now. If you hit problems, here are some hints:

  • You should create a custom Country struct that has properties for each of the facts you have in your JSON file. You can then have a [Country] array in your view controller.
  • When using a table view in your detail view controller, try setting the numberOfLines property of the cell’s text label to be 0. That ought to allow the cell to fill up to two lines of text by default.
  • Don’t forget all the little UI touches: adding a disclosure indicator to the countries table, adding titles to the navigation controller, and so on. You could even add an action button to the detail view that shares a fact about the selected country.
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