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SOLVED: Number Pad

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Does anyone know how to have a number pad show up on a text field using SwiftUI. Maybe it doesn’t even have to be a text field. I just need a way to input numbers for a calculation.

I'm currently using a slider but that's not the most efficient way of doing so.



On iOS use .keyboardType(.numberPad) but not sure

TextField("Some Number", text: $someText)

PS there are different Keyboards when you put the . in eg .decimalPad pick which one you want to use.


Did you try:

TextField("Something", text: $property).keyboardType(.decimal)

The string is the sample text that will show, it can be empty, and the text prarmeter is the @State property of your choice.

Not sure about watchOS but that's in SwiftUI.


There is no keyboard on watchOS, only the scatch pad. So enless you want to make your number pad like the Calc App or use a picker


Hi everyone, I made my own SwiftUI keypad for WatchOS! Here is the GitHub link. Hope it helps! Demo on 44mm Watch


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