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How to have different userDataInfo?

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I have a watch app that will transfer a small amount of data to phone and which then save in a entity(CheckData) in CoreData. This is the code I have which I think will work! (have not tested yet)

func session(_ session: WCSession, didReceiveUserInfo userInfo: [String : Any] = [:]) {
    let viewContext = dataController.container.viewContext
    let checkData = CheckData(context: viewContext)

    if let bonnet = userInfo["bonnet"] as? String {
        checkData.bonnet = bonnet

    if let numberDefect = userInfo["numberDefect"] as? Int {
        checkData.numberDefect = Int64(numberDefect)

    checkData.dateCreated = Date()

However the thing is that I what to have is the didReceiveUserInfo would be able to put data in a different enitity (Defect). How would this be possible as the depends on the user on which form they fill in?

The only solution that I can think is to send a boolean over eg

if let isDefect = userInfo["isDefect"] as? Bool {
    if isDefect {
        let defect = Defect(context: viewContext)
        // rest of save code
    } else {
        let checkData = CheckData(context: viewContext)
        // rest of save code

This does not feel right. Does if anyone has a better idea?


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