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Hacking with watchOS Tutorial Project 1 -- Thread 1: Fatal error

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Hi Paul, I purchased the Hacking with WatchOS tutorials back in March and am finally getting around to learning and I'm encountering a runtime error that I've been unable to correct. In Project 1, I was unable to get the numbered rows to display as shown on page 140; but I continued on.

My current issue is that when I run Project 1 on my Apple Watch, it correctly does the voice-to-text transcription; but then doesn't display the note after I select "done." In Xcode, it says" Thread 1: Fatal error: Unexpectedly found nil while implicilty unwrapping an Optional value."

When I compare this function with what's in the provided source code example, it looks identical; so unclear what I've done wrong here inside InterfaceController.swift. Please help.

func set(row rowIndex: Int, to text: String) {
    guard let row = table.rowController(at: rowIndex) as? NoteSelectRow else { return }

Thank you.


Hi robert22

I have not done this one I did SwiftUI HW watchOS.

However looks like when it want to use the text is still nil. You might want to look at @IBAction Button where func set(row rowIndex: Int, to text: String) is called to check that it not passing in a nil value.


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