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CPR Feedback Device for Apple Watch

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Hello, everyone. I am an MD/PhD student with a research focus in cardiac arrest resuscitation. One thing we know about cardiac arrest is that high quality CPR (current research suggests a chest compression depth of 5-6 cm at a rate of 100-120 per minute) is essential to ensuring good outcomes for these critically ill patients. One major problem is that many EMS agencies and hospital resuscitation teams do not have CPR feedback devices available - which means that the rate and depth at which they are performing chest compressions are usually suboptimal. One solution would be to design an Apple Watch app that uses accelerometer data to measure chest compression depth during resuscitation and prompts users to push harder when the compressions are too shallow. I know that this would be useful to both me and others in clinical practice, but unfortunately I have next to no experience with Swift - or coding overall, for that matter.

I am writing to ask if anyone would be willing to create a framework that does the following:

1.) pulls accelerometer data from an Apple Watch at a rate of 100 Hz 2.) provides the ability to take acceleration values from this watch and plot 5 second intervals in real time

Thank you very much for your time!


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