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Why the app is crashing when tab change (EXC_BAD_ACCESS)?

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I have a custom tabbiew in my app. It works fine until I go to a subview of a tab. For example; from the Feed tab I click to Messages tab, then click to see the contents of a chat, then I click Feed tab again and crashes immediately.

struct ContentView: View {


    @StateObject var viewRouter = ViewRouter()

    var body: some View {
        GeometryReader { geometry in
            VStack {
                switch viewRouter.currentPage {
                case .feed:
                    NavigationView {
                        FeedView(posts: feedPosts, title: "Feed")
                case .browse:
                    NavigationView {
                        BrowseView(posts: browsePosts)
                case .messages:
                    NavigationView {
                        ChatListView(newMessage: $newMessageAvailable)

struct ChatListView: View {


var body: some View {
    ScrollViewReader { proxy in
        ScrollView {
            if (!gettingMessages) {
                if (commentArray.count > 0) {
                        ForEach(commentArray, id: \.chatID) { comment in
                            NavigationLink(destination: ChatDetailView(keepViewOpen: self.$keepChatViewOpen, recipientID: getRecipientID(comment: comment), recipientName: getRecipientName(comment: comment)), isActive: self.$keepChatViewOpen
                                           , label: {
                                ChatListItem(comment: comment, recipientName: getRecipientName(comment: comment), userID: getRecipientID(comment: comment), read: comment.read)


There is nothing fancy in ChatDetailView and the crash happens for every kind of view provided that it is a view navigated from any other view with navigation link. The error is as follows: Thread 1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0xf2010803e530)


I have ran into the exact same problem, the crash disappears if I optimize the build for speed but keeps happening if not optimized. Very strange issue


Most likely this kind of error happens when you try to access memory in an invalid way. F.e. accessing a variable which is nil.

@m-kul I would suggest you use SwiftUI's TabView for your tab view which should reduce your code and make it easier. But from the provided code I'm not able to give a proper advice.


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