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SOLVED: Vat amount calculate

Forums > SwiftUI

hi everyone , I tried this code for calculate vat amount because not all items have a vat.

private var vatAmount1: Double {

        itemsData.items.reduce(0.0) { partialResult, item in

            if item.vat > 0 {

                let vat = item.price / 100 * item.vat

                return partialResult + vat


            return partialResult



item.price = 2.200 included vat item.vat = 10

The result from that code is 0.220 , but the correct result is 0.200 , How to solve that ?

Thanks in Advance


Hi, It is not really clear what are you trying to achieve at least for me. Do you want to get aggregate amout for all items, or to add VAT to particular item?

if you need to calculate the amount for VAT use this logic.

You have gross amount with VAT included so calculate first NET amount. Then from GROSS amount deduct NET amount and you will get VAT amount.

NET = GROSS / (1 + VAT/100)

VAT amount = GROSS - NET

let netAmount = item.price / (1 + item.vat/100)
let vatAmount = item.price - netAmount


Thanks @ygeras


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