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SOLVED: Use a @AppStorage data globally from @main App{} ?

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Is there a way to set a global var that can be used in all views without passing or setting in each View?

Like , is this possible and if so, then how do I reference the "settings" var from child views?

Not worried about pre SwiftUI 2.0

struct MultiAccountAppApp: App {

  @AppStorage("settings") private var settings: Data = Data()

    var body: some Scene {
        WindowGroup {


This is exactly what the SwiftUI environment is for. Set an environment value on a View and it will automatically be available to all that View's view hierarchy. So if you set it on ContentView here at the root of your app, then every View in your app will have access to it.

See here for more info: What is the @Environment property wrapper?

AppStorage would work (depending on the data you have), but it requires hitting the UserDefaults every time to save or retrieve a value.


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