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Unwanted overlaying text in Navigation Bar

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From time to time my SwiftUI app shows the following behavior in the Navigation Bar. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce it.

It is a tabview app with each tab being a NavigationView. Only one of the tabs showing the strange behavior: touching one of the NavigationLinks going to the next level view. When coming back (via link in Navigation Bar) the Navigation Bar keeps showing text overlaid with text from the original one. Link to screenshot

Anybody with similar experience and a solution ?

    var body: some View {

            NavigationView {
                ScrollView(.vertical) {


                .navigationBarTitle("My Properties")
                .navigationBarItems(leading: Text("Level: \(player.level)").font(.headline).foregroundColor(.orange), trailing: Text("$ \(").font(.headline).foregroundColor(.orange))
                .sheet(item: self.$selectedProperty, content: {property in
                    PropertyDetailOwnerSheet(property: property)

            .onAppear(perform: {
                _ = self.timer



Funnily I've noticed this as well; for the NavBarTitle. I'm unsure what combination of events leads to it, as it doesn't alwaya happen. I think it may be to dowith opening sheets, but I've not tested enough.


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