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'Unable to present. Please file a bug'

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Anyone seen this in Xcode debug console? It happens to me when doing a

ForEach(collections, id: \.objectID) { collection in
         CollectionTile(collection: collection)

and only on iPad in a three pane view. As a result, the third pane is only once in a while updating based on the tap in the list created by the ForEach. When I change ForEach into a List it works without a problem.


Im with the same error, ALWAYS.


also had same issue with a NavigationLink on iOS 14.5


I am seeing this with a NavigationLink return in iOS14.5 simulator. It is returning from a more complicated view than normal. The view runs fine and has a timer element.

Is that the same case with you, that it is on the return on a NavigationLink to a more complicated view? Or what are the circumstances in you case?


If you are experiencing issues with NavigationLink on 14.5, the post below might help fix the navigation and silence the error message in the console.


The error does not occur with Xcode12.4 and iOS 14.4 simulator, however it does happen with Xcode12.5 and iOS 14.5 simulator.

Either my code has an hidden bug, which only becomes apparent when using the latest released Xcode and simulator (because they were corrected to show the error). Or there is a bug in the released Xcode / Simulator combination, and the code is fine.

Either way reporting it to Apple is the way forward, as either they should either update the developer notes and help, or they need to fix Xcode / Simulator.


same error here


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