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Ultimate Portfolio App - How to replace the deprecated "init(destination:tag:selection:label:)" in video 37 "Integrating with spotlight"?

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Hi everyone,

I encountered an error at the part of the video where Paul adds this code :

if let item = viewModel.selectedItem {
        destination: EditItemView(item: item),
        tag: item,
        selection: $viewModel.selectedItem,
        label: EmptyView.init

It says it's been deprecated and also says how to replace it, but I don't understand. Can someone help me replace it using the new Xcode 14.1 API please?

Thank you in advance!


Having this issue as well. Using NavigationLink(value: , label: ) does not give me the result I'm looking for.


I found this works

  @State var selection: String = "Overview"
    @State private var columnVisibility = NavigationSplitViewVisibility.doubleColumn

    var body: some View {

        NavigationSplitView(columnVisibility: $columnVisibility) {

                List(selection: $selection) {
                    Section("Installer Section")
                        NavigationLink( value: "Overview")
                            Label("Overview" , systemImage: "square.grid.3x1.folder.fill.badge.plus")
                        NavigationLink( value: "Welcome")
                            Label("Welcome" , systemImage: "square.grid.3x1.folder.fill.badge.plus")
                        NavigationLink( value: "Contents")
                            Label("Contents" , systemImage: "square.grid.3x1.folder.fill.badge.plus")
                        NavigationLink( value: "Thanks")
                            Label("Thanks" , systemImage: "square.grid.3x1.folder.fill.badge.plus")
                    NavigationLink( value: "Settings")
                        Label("Settings" , systemImage: "gear")

        } detail: {

            if selection == "Overview" {
            } else if selection == "Welcome" {
            }else if selection == "Contents" {
            }else if selection == "Thanks" {
            }else if selection == "Settings" {

        .navigationSplitViewColumnWidth(min: 150, ideal: 250, max: .none)


This is not really the solution to the question asked imho. I am struggling as well on how to push the navigation stack to EditItemView(item: item) using the new signature for NavigationLink automatically while not messing up the HomeView....


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