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Ultimate Portfolio App - Error in UI Test - Cannot recognize the "NEW PROJECT" Edit Button

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My UI Test code:

func testEditingProjectUpdatesCorrectly() {
        XCTAssertEqual(app.tables.cells.count, 0, "There should be no list rows initially.")

        app.buttons["Add Project"].tap()
        XCTAssertEqual(app.tables.cells.count, 1, "There should be 1 list row after adding a project.")

        app.buttons["NEW PROJECT"].tap()  **<<<---See Error details directly below this code **
        app.textFields["Project name"].tap()

        app.keys["more"].tap() // more = 123 "key"
        app.buttons["Return"].tap() // Return is a "button"...not a "key"

        app.buttons["Open Projects"].tap()
        XCTAssertTrue(app.buttons["New Project 2"].exists, "The new project name should be visible in the list.")

ERROR: Failed to get matching snapshot: No matches found for Elements matching predicate '"NEW PROJECT" IN identifiers' from input {( Button, label: 'Home', Button, label: 'Open', Selected, Button, label: 'Closed', Button, label: 'Awards', Button, label: 'Sort', Button, label: 'Add Project', Button, label: 'Add New Item', Button, label: 'Compose' )}

I assume since the only button I cannot identify is [label: 'Compose'] that this must be the issue? This is likely the "Edit Project" button. I tried using "Compose" in place of "NEW PROJECT" but that did not work either. I tried it as both a button and a label.

My UI definitely has the words "NEW PROJECT" along with the "square.and.pencil" image to the right of the project name. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Brad K.


Or is this possibly a bug in Xcode Version 13.0 beta 4 (13A5201i) using Build Setting of iOS 14.7 running on Big Sur 11.4?


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