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Trying to "translate" snippet of Objective-C code into SwiftUI

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I'm trying to incorporate iosMath into a project, but the instructions on how to create an instance of LaTeX-formatted text are in Obj-C:

#import "MTMathUILabel.h"

MTMathUILabel* label = [[MTMathUILabel alloc] init];
label.latex = @"x = \\frac{-b \\pm \\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}";

From what I can understand of the .h and .m files that comprise iosMath, MTMathUILabel is a UIView and latex is a property of MTMathUILabel.

Anyone able to Swiftify #, @, alloc and init or otherwise familiar with using iosMath?


Swift equivalent of the ObjC code is the easy part:

let label = MTMathUILabel()
label.latex = "x = \\frac{-b \\pm \\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}"

Additional subjects to learn:

  1. How to import a Cocoa Pod (iosMath) into your Xcode project.
  2. How to import an ObjC class (MTMathUILabel) into a Swift app.
  3. How to include a UIKit view (MTMathUILabel) in a SwiftUI view.


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