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Trying to figure out Conflicting arguments to generic parameter 'Content' ('<<hole>>' vs. '<<hole>>' vs. '<<h

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When you click on the little 2 to the left of the message, what does the expanded error show? Does it give you a fix-it?

Also, what happens if you change this:

private var allBases: [Locations] = Locations.allBases
var filteredLocations: [Locations] {
    if searchText.isEmpty() {
        return allBases
    } else {
        return allBases.filter { $0.name.localizedCaseInsensitiveContains(searchText) }

to this:

var filteredLocations: [Locations] {
    if searchText.isEmpty {
        return Locations.allBases
    } else {
        return Locations.allBases.filter { $0.name.localizedCaseInsensitiveContains(searchText) }


Had to remove () from .isEmpty, other than that same errors.

Oops, yeah, sorry 'bout that.

But you can't be getting the same errors because with my change you no longer have a the private var allBases property and thus can't be getting the error about "HomeView initializer is inaccessible due to 'private' protection level."

If you absolutely have to have that allBases property in there, change it from var to let since it doesn't actually change anywhere. That, at least, should get rid of that one error, and maybe even more.

HomeView -> when I get rid of weather: on line 30, all the errors go away but it says "Missing argument for parameter 'weather' in call"

Right, because HomeView is expecting a weather property to be passed in.

Something else you can try: Take out the VStack in your HomeView; there's no need for it. I mean, I doubt that's it, but you never know.


What specifically fixed the Conflicting arguments error? I am having the same error when I am also trying to use List() Navlink with my custom struct


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