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Token list/field view... or something like it?

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I know SwiftUI doesn't come with a TokenList built in (maybe some day?) So I'm trying to simulate one.

The situation: I've got a book with multiple authors (say, like an anthology.)

I've created a "quasi-token" view and put it in a horizontal list:

    private func personToken(_ person: NamedPerson) -> some View {

    private var authorTokenList: some View {
        HStack {
            ForEach(book.authors) { author in

Which looks pretty good at first glance:


My first problem (reserving the possibility to expand as further issues become apparent) is that the tokens themselves wrap if the HStack gets too wide for the view:


It would be better if the HStack resized vertically to accomodate more tokens, but while I can find tutorials on making a scrollable horizontal view, I'm not sure how to make a vertically-resizable HStack.

I'm also going to want to add context-menu like functionality to each token on a long press gesture (maybe?) to delete or re-order the tokens, but I need to try to work that out before I have any specific questions about it.


To keep the tokens from wrapping you can apply a .lineLimit(1) modifier to the Text, but I'm not sure off the top of my head what you could use rather than an HStack for a vertically expanding container.


For vertically resizing to accomodate more tokens, take a look at this: Flexible layouts in SwiftUI | FIVE STARS Might be useful.


You could also look at if LazyVGrid, LazyHGrid, LazyHStack or LazyVStack (in combination any other ideas here) works for you.


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