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Hi all. I personally love SwiftUI. Paul Hudson, Sean Allen and other tutorial personalities seem to do so, too.

There are a few people, though, that don't seem to be convinced that you can do great things with SwiftUI (This is a nice summary of what they are repeatedly saying about SwiftUI in public). I don't want to point to anybody as that's not the idea behind this thread but I'm curious what your stance on this matter is.

I'm currently working on a medium-sized SwiftUI app, where I need the help of UIKit for Voice Recording and Image loading/saving but the other 90% of my app are SwiftUI.

There are indeed a few glitches in that sometimes a view won't refresh, which it normally would do. I may of course run into more issues once I tackle macOS implementation...

So the question is: Am I too optimistic about SwiftUI (not only the current iteration but also back to SwiftUI 2/iOS 14) or are some people just too much invested into UIKit so that they just don't like SwiftUI as SwiftUI does many things differently?

Do you think you can create bigger apps/professional apps using SwiftUI that go beyond the regular tutorials? I feel like you can and I'm happily doing so but I may as well miss a part of the picture as I only started coding about a year ago.

Looking forward to your opinions!



Hello @BenjiTerv, I don't think you are overoptimistic. Apple has invested a lot in SwiftUI. The 90/10 SwiftUI/UIKit ratio is preatty much normal and it is expected to increase with time.

It is indeed possible to build large and complex projects on the top of SwiftUI

If you are looking for more complex tutorials from Paul Hudson check the "Swift On Sundays" on YouTube. They are evirone's favorite. Also consider HWS+ . I know I'm gonna get it as soon as I finish 100 days of SwiftUI!



Thanks for your reply, @HelloReg !

I'm already subscribed to HWS+ and do own a license for most of Pauls books :-)

Let's hope for a great WWDC in terms of SwiftUI!


Nah, you have a pretty realistic view of things (no pun intended). SwiftUI is only just now getting ready for Prime Time; I can't say that even as recently as 6 months ago or so, it was. There's still a lot of updating and coversion to happen, bringing more of UIKit's older or more esoteric things into SwiftUI, via native hosting (meaning we devs don't have to write the hosting bridges), or just full rewrites. The nice thing is as long as the SwiftUI team(s) at Apple don't take on a new sadistic streak, the UIKit bridging code you write today will still be plenty functional even after they (Apple -> SwiftUI team) native-ize or SwiftUI-ize the currently bridgeable stuff. So, do what you need to do in bridging, and just know there will come a day when you'll want to updated it. This is our penance for diving so headstrong into SwiftUI, and Apple's slap on the knuckles for giving us all something to believe in before it was fully baked.

You can work in both worlds; SwiftUI and UIKit, and that's a very good thing.


Yeah, the thing is, for me personally - and I tried both for almost a year - SwiftUI is so much easier to learn. Yes, it's not perfect and does need a lot of bridging. But it's still early for SwiftUI.

So I was wondering why some long experienced UIKit developers seem to really hate SwiftUI by what they say in public. Anyways, I love SwiftUI and couldn't make as much progress without it.


So I was wondering why some long experienced UIKit developers seem to really hate SwiftUI by what they say in public.

Mostly, I think, because they are very used to being able to do a lot of stuff in UIKit that they can't do in vanilla SwiftUI and they get frustrated.

Also, having extensive knowledge of the system from their UIKit experience, they can better see the holes and bugs in SwiftUI than someone lacking that same experience.


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