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SOLVED: Text formatting

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I'm getting back from text from an api call.

The text returned has embedded codes like this

At present I'm just displaying what is returned using a text command, but that looks rubbish.

Is there a way to automatically reformat this type of text?


There's no real built-in way to do it. You can convert HTML entities to their equivalent using an extension like this:

import UIKit

extension String {
    var decoded: String {
        let attr = try? NSAttributedString(data: Data(utf8), options: [
            .documentType: NSAttributedString.DocumentType.html,
            .characterEncoding: String.Encoding.utf8.rawValue
        ], documentAttributes: nil)

        return attr?.string ?? self

let text = "It&#39s a party!"
//result == It's a party!

But the problem with your specific example is that 
 is ASCII 10, i.e., a newline, which is whitespace that is ignored by HTML.

So input like One

Two comes out as One Two rather than the expected result.

If the only entity you are dealing with is &#10; then I guess you could just replace them with \n in your string before you display it. Or you could replace &#10; with <br> in your string before using the above extension to convert it. <br> is HTML that can be transformed by NSAttributedString.


Thanks for your help. I've been investigating some of the other replies from calling the API. Looks like these are as you say HTML formatting commands that have been left in the JSON. There is also an API call to get the data in XML format, which I might try instead, but as you say I could just try a few Replace commands to strip out the HTML formatting.


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