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Testing problems for Portfolio App

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I encountered my first failed test on the app thus far.

func testingEditingProjectUpdates() {
    XCTAssertEqual(app.tables.cells.count, 0, "Should be no list rows")

    XCTAssertEqual(app.tables.cells.count, 1, "Should be 1 list rows")

    app.buttons["NEW PROJECT"].tap()
    app.textFields["Project name"].tap()


    app.buttons["Open Projects"].tap()
    XCTAssertTrue(app.buttons["NEW PROJECT 2"].exists, "This should be here")


I get this failure at the app.keys["space"].tap()

Failed to get matching snapshot: No matches found for Descendants matching type Key from input

I have experimented with different settings on the simulator to see if the keyboard would be effected, but to no avail.

Any ideas?



Run the App normal and then do the step EG create a new project and then tap in the textfield and if the keyboard do not show in simultor do Cmd-K to bring up the keyboard.

I am getting the same with the "Return" but comment out and test passes


Thanks NigelGee, that seemed to do the trick.


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