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SwiftUI timer runloop

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I'm making a game with rounds of a set time and the user can start a timer and swipe through cards. However, whenever I interact with the UI the timer pauses. I tried changing the runloop mode but Swift is giving me compiler errors. I'm doing this all in SwiftUI and Combine with the example code below.

I would appreciate any help or advice for how to prevent the timer from stopping

@State private var timeRemaining = Defaults.roundLength
    let timer = Timer.publish(every: 1, on: .main, in: .common).autoconnect()

    init() {
        RunLoop.current.add(timer, forMode: .common) //Swift is giving me error "No exact matches in call to instance method 'add'"

    var body: some View {
      Text("\(timeRemaining/60):\(String(format: "%02d", (self.timeRemaining % 60)))")
                .onReceive(timer) { time in
                    if self.timeRemaining > 0 {
                        self.timeRemaining -= 1
                        if self.timeRemaining <= 10 {
                        } else if self.timeRemaining == 0 {



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